Valentine’s Day and Salmon

Valentine’s Day is pretty much all we have to hold us over until St Patrick’s Day, which can get us through till spring, so it needs to be the gift that keeps on giving.
That said, hopefully everyone got their fair share of flowers and oysters and wine and love this week. My Valentine’s Day included salmon, chocolate and dancing.  Salmon is wonderful because its oemga-3 fatty acids and rich mineral content make it a very good meal to eat during the winter, and yet for me it is associated with summer and the ocean.


(^^Notice how even my attire is salmon-colored^^)

So not only is salmon is breath of summer during the cold months, but it also happens to be an apt Valentine’s Day meal.  Its blushing color, soft meat and inviting taste make it a love of a fish. Plus it is very versatile. It is delicious with the simplest of ingredients; a squeeze of lemon and some pepper over a stove top are enough to turn it into a proper meal, and if yet you play around with spices and cooking methods you can easily render it a whole new dish. I like to simply pepper the salmon, poach it in lemon juice and top it with lots of fresh cilantro and garlic. My mom uses it to make fish tacos alongside a black bean and salsa blend. This week we were out of lemons, so my dad prepared a filet of salmon with butter, oregano and the citric juices of an orange. The orange added a pleasant zest to the meal. We ate it with some roasted asparagus. Don’t even get me started on asparagus….it was one of my first vegetable loves along with the tomato and I remain smitten to this day.


May this year be full of lots of fiery loving.


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