For the Ones I Love: A Celebration of Family

But when I’m alone
When I’ve thrown off the weight of this crazy stone
When I’ve lost all care for the things I own
That’s when I miss you, that’s when I miss you
You who are my home…
And here is what I know now
My salvation lies in your love   -Alexi Murdoch, Orange Sky


During this unique season in my life, I have the privilege of living at my parents’ house. Since I know this is a temporary arrangement, I am drinking it to the dregs.  Something you should know: I am one of twelve children. Not everyone is living at home, and we’ve gained a sister-in-law and a nephew, but living here still looks like: not knowing where my clothes are until I see them on my sisters; constantly doing dishes; chaos before dinner when backpacks are strewn everywhere and homework sheets are shoved to the side while someone sets the table; early morning scrambles to pack lunches, find coats and get out to the bus on time; and many moments that try your patience.  But it also looks like sleepovers every night with my sister, dance parties, nightly Jeopardy episodes, the luxury of an expanded wardrobe composed of stolen articles of clothing, quality time over coffee with my parents in the morning, and lots and lots of laughing.  It’s crazy and I love it.


Facts and fiction concerning my big family:

Fact: It’s easier for me to cook enormous portions than to cook for two.

Fiction: It’s cheaper by the dozen.

In the end, the truth of the matter is that my family makes me who I am.  Together, we are a group of individuals with different personalities, ages, opinions, beliefs and interests. We’ve had  to learn to defer and to be open-minded and develop a good sense of humor.  We are who we are.  It’s not perfect, but they are my home and to tell the truth, I love my family more than anything, so don’t be surprised if they pop up everywhere on this blog.


3 thoughts on “For the Ones I Love: A Celebration of Family

  1. …I don’t really like how in my last post my colon and right parenthesis were changed into a semi-creepy smiley face though hahah

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